woman paying with contactless card in clothing store

Woman slammed after admitting she wears dresses for one night and then returns them

A woman has received backlash online after she told Mamamia how she buys dresses and returns them after wearing them, to ensure she isn’t wasting money.

Chelsea, a 25-year-old mum-of-two, explained that she’s been wearing and returning dresses for the past nine years – and reckons she’s been refunded the costs of around 15 dresses ranging from $150 – $300.

She started doing this when she was 16 and still in school. She had no money for a party, and so bought a dress online, wore it for the night, returned it and got her money back.

She says she felt guilty, but as the dresses were ‘still in really good nick’ she justified it in her head as being ‘as long as there’s no damage to it, why not?’

She said: ‘The way I see it, they’re not losing money. As long as that item is in really good nick then they can sell it.

‘It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone, so I don’t really feel as guilty. I still feel a tiny bit guilty, but not as much as I did.’

Chelsea has worn and returned dresses and jumpsuits for events including weddings, engagement parties and hen nights.

She tucks the tags in when wearing them, and makes sure the dress is completely clean when she returns it.

‘If it’s dirty I won’t wash it and send it back. I’ll keep it,’ she said.

So far, Chelsea has been refunded for every dress she’s returned – which she thinks is a fair deal, as she can’t ‘justify’ spending $300 on a dress for one night.

woman paying with contactless card in clothing store

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She says that would just be ‘wasting’ money that could go towards a family holiday.

But, since the article was published, the response hasn’t been very positive – with some people thinking what Chelsea is doing is really bad.

One person said: ‘I regularly wear dresses to more than one event. Suggesting that there’s insurmountable pressure to buy new clothes for every event is a bit silly, and is just an excuse to justify bad behaviour!’

Someone else wrote: ‘Dress it up how you like, it’s being dishonest.’

Another said she was stealing: ‘What an awful thing she’s doing. She should feel bad. She’s basically stealing!

‘You can rent dresses for around $100. So if people want caviar you encourage them to steal it because they can’t justify the price of caviar? BUY CHEAPER CLOTHES. Rent them. Go to outlets. Sales etc.

‘”Poor me I can’t afford a $300 dress so I’ll buy it and return it with my body sweat on it. No harm!” No wonder some stores won’t refund anymore. People like this exist and ruin it for everyone!’

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